Oil Change for Your Engine Type


Your car cannot move without an engine. Your engine cannot move without clean lubricant to help the moving parts function to the best of their ability. The cleaner the parts the smoother the function, the smoother the function the less undue stress one dirty engine can put on the rest of your car. This is why a regular oil change is so critical to your car’s lifespan; it all starts with the engine.There are three main types of engines that can be found in passenger vehicles. The placement of a particular type is dependent upon the vehicle and specifications of the kind of driving and roads it is capable of traveling on. There are three types of designs which include the inline, the V and the flat to indicate how the cylinders are lined up or positioned above or alongside the engine. The type of engine also impacts the type of motor oil that suites it best. And when a clean engine, clean filter and clean engine components like the cylinders, the car can perform better and last longer because of the healthier components. The flat is just as it sounds, the cylinders are arranged in horizontal banks on either side of the engine. The V type also has the cylinders in two separate banks. These banks create the two sides of a V angle where six cylinders move therein. The inline type has four cylinders in a single bank where the components move up and down from there. The type of engine not only influences the vehicles performance; it also influences the type of motor oil that should be used to have the best and most lasting effects within the engine. The grade and thickness is required in order to ease start up and withstand high temperatures in warmer climates, lower temperatures in cooler climates and sustain performance throughout. Some drivers debate about whether their car even needs an oil change. Some drivers debate about the best type of motor oil for their vehicle. Waiting too long to perform motor oil exchange can lead to engine erosion because of the debris filled sludge. And placing the wrong oil by weight or what is otherwise known as viscosity can lead to engine breakdown as well. Depending upon the type of engine that you have a professional mechanic will quickly inform you that not only does it matter that you have your oil change performed regularly, it definitely matters what type of oil you place inside.

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