Structure and Duration of the Hypnotherapy London Session

More and more people make use of hypnosis London these days in order to seek help for their phobias, diseases or compulsions. Hypnotherapy London can help you with all these by making you undergo several hypnosis London sessions, depending on the type of your condition. Here are some information about the structure and duration of a hypnotherapy London session.

The average session lasts an hour (except the first which can take up to 1h30) and each class is divided into two parts:

1. Maintenance Phase: 15 minutes

It is a necessary step and at the first meeting, this phase lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.

You set your goals and evidence which you will know that you have achieved.

The hypnotherapy London specialist will also review your ideas on hypnosis in order to avoid all the possible misunderstandings and the possibilities of hypnotherapy.

He or she will detail the problems and symptoms, placing them in your environment (work, family, hobbies, personal history).

This phase of contact is crucial for further therapy.

During all the subsequent meetings, the preliminary interview, much shorter (10 min) will cover all the changes since the last meeting.

Although hypnosis London is important and beneficial in its relaxing effect, immediate changes occur mainly in the interval between sessions.

2. Phase of Work

The hypnosis session in the main sense occurs mainly as described below. You settle comfortably in the chair and you relax. The inductions as well as the deepening techniques of induction are numerous, and all are aimed at you “move elsewhere,” in a state of focused attention on yourself, relaxation and wellness.

The hypnosis London specialist will use the suggestions of direct and indirect induction and you can send him or her your feedback at any time, either by word or by a sign with your finger. This sign will gradually become an automatic movement of hypnotic response. In order to work on your problem, the hypnosis London specialist will use the techniques of hypnotherapy as well as the ┬áNLP (direct and indirect suggestions, metaphors and techniques for solving specific problems such as cropping, the generator of new behaviors, projections and regressions in the age etc..) in order to guide you through the sessions to the desired change. The end of the session will mean some suggestions arousal let you “return” phased in “the here and now.”

There is a brief interview after the meeting and it consists of a short discussion on the conduct of the hypnosis London session.

This is a summary of the things that happen during a hypnosis London session. All of the things described above are done with the assistance of a hypnosis London specialist and you will be completely secure.

You can treat many conditions with the hypnotherapy London, regardless if they are physical or mental affections. Some of the most common problems that are treated with the help of hypnosis London include: depression, anxiety, nicotine addiction, weight problemsFeature Articles, sexual problems at men and women and much more.

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